Sloane & Walsh LLP

Legal Excellence Since 1934.

Sloane and Walsh LLP is a 35 person law firm set in four offices in New England. They have a sterling reputation in several practice areas including insurance law, healthcare law, subrogation law. 

A firm on this stature needs a highly professional image from it’s logo to it’s social media. 

Sloane and Walsh tapped DMW for all of it’s marketing needs including logo design, social media, presentation design, business cards, website, photography and videography.



The goal of the Sloane and Walsh website was to convey the established nature and trustworthiness of the firm. As such, we designed the site with solid graphics, emphasis on breadth of expertise, practice areas and personnel. You won’t find a bunch of flashy tricks because that isn’t what Sloane and Walsh is about. The into video showcases the four cities where Sloane and Walsh has offices. While the largest office is Boston, it’s important that the other offices feel equally important to the Sloane and Walsh family.

Social media

Organic posting

Paid Advertising

Sloane and Walsh, with its many practice areas needs to speak to various positions within various industries. Linkedin sponsored advertising is a perfect way to carefully segment the population by job title within specific industries or even specific companies. Using laser precision segmenting, we are able to deliver messaging to target audiences in a very cost effective manner.


As a major corporate presence, sponsorships are part of the overall marketing mix. As many of these sponsorships come with program ads, we assist in making sure these sponsorships are maximized with Sloane and Walsh messaging.

Promotional Videos