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Hello from the CEO, Michael Lourie

What we care about most is helping businesses increase revenue through efficient marketing. And a basic marketing plan is crucial.

Most business owners are so busy that they don’t have time to update their website, let alone post on social media and send out emails.

That’s where Driver Media comes in.

We’re the outsourced marketing department for dozens of organizations who need professional marketing help, but aren’t going to hire someone full-time to do it.

If you’re stuck, if you have no idea where to even start or if you have any questions at all – call us.


Web Development / Logo Development / Photography / Branding

Web Hosting & Maintenance / Email Marketing

Social Media Management - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram

Miscellaneous Marketing Assistance/ Sales Strategy & Business Development

Driver manages our marketing needs here at Fuerst & Associates, PC. He is extremely knowledgeable and brings great value to our firm. He exceeds our expectations and is a pleasure to work with!
Increased exposure, increased reach and increased REVENUE. And talk about a company that is always on top of things. We highly recommend Driver…
Driver handles all of our marketing needs and they do a tremendous job. They are responsive, proactive and knowledgeable. We would not hesitate to recommend Driver to any business looking for marketing assistance.

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